IEFCL Environment policy and our various practices to protect the environment

Indorama Eleme Fertilizer & Chemicals Ltd (IEFCL) gives high priority to Health, Safety and Environment matters, and has such, deployed an energy-efficient Plant and adopted an environmentally-friendly process technology such as well proven state-of- the-art 'Purifier Technology' of KBR for Ammonia Process, state-of- the-art technology of Toyo for Urea process to minimize adverse impact and maximize beneficial impacts upon the surroundings and preserve the environment to the best possible extent.

IFECL has included the following measures in design to reduce generation of pollutants;

  • Reformer & Boiler stack heights designed to ensure minimum dispersal of NOX
  • Ammonia storage tank designed as double walled, double integrity type to eliminate chances of ammonia spillage
  • New hydrolyzer and stripper to treat surface washing water of Urea plant
  • Low NOX burners design for reformer and boiler
  • The concept of “3R” Reduce, reuse, Recycle

IEFCL lays great emphasis on good HSE practices. As part of commitment to the environment, IEFCL’s philosophy encourages participatory actions and involvement of stakeholders in solving problems. Interface with regulatory bodies helps IEFCL to keep pace. IEFCL adheres to the regulatory requirements of the Local, State and Federal Governments of Nigeria.

Environment Management System:

The various actions and practices adopted by the IEFCL Environment Management System in ensuring that impacts are eliminated or reduced on surrounding environment include:

  • Applying 3R system
  • Optimization of resources
  • Proper treatment of all waste to comply all statutory norms
  • Monitoring and control of all emissions as per applicable standards
  • Involvement of employees in conservation of the environment