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Vision & Values


Our vision is to become one of the largest petrochemicals and fertilizer producer in Africa


Indorama Corporation has following twelve values as the guiding framework for all its business functions.


Keywords : Empathy, Kindness, Sensitivity, Diversity, and Multiculturalism

We believe that everyone must be treated with respect regardless of position, ethnicity, gender, or age. Since we operate globally across a multitude of cultures, we have to be guided by empathy and respect for cultural sensitivities. We must respect each other’s feelings, ideas, and way of life.


Keywords : Honesty, Introspection, Positive Attitude, and Change

The path to excellence requires introspection, honesty, positive attitude, accessibility, and openness to ideas and feedback. Indorama expects employees to embrace change positively and demonstrate continuous improvement in themselves and their workplace. Without openness, there cannot be sustainable progress.


Keywords : Sharing, Collaboration, Harmony, and Winning Together

We believe in seamless teamwork. Good teams collaborate in harmony across functions, business groups, and boundaries. Teams achieve more than the sum of their parts. Teamwork is also about helping, teaching and developing each other. For teamwork to shine, every member must contribute to the maximum of his/her ability and win over challenges together.


Keywords : Trust, Empowerment, Positive Reinforcement, and Engagement

The ultimate goal of our managers and leaders is to ensure high motivation level of all employees. We believe fully motivated and engaged employees drive companies towards success. To motivate each other, there must be mutual trust, credible behaviors and actions, positive reinforcement, dynamic empowerment, and fair rewards.


Keywords : Planning, Review, Initiative, Persistence, Passion, and Attention to Details

Our success lies in transforming strategies and plans into time bound actions and results. Perfect execution requires rigorous planning, continuous review, personal initiative, persistence, and constant attention to details. We’re driven by passion, guided by systems, and inspired by quality.


Keywords : Expertise, Mentorship, Learning, and Development

We aspire to be a knowledge driven company with proven expertise in our various fields of endeavor. Our endeavor is not just to be good or great, but get constantly better. We believe in a culture of learning, training and development at every level of the organization. Our managers are expected to teach and mentor constantly with a spirit of sharing. We strive for continuous collection, selection, up gradation, and dissemination of knowledge


Keywords : Inspire, Create Value, Lead by Example, Communication, and Grooming Talent

Organizations are built by strong leadership and stifled by incapable ones. Leaders lead from the front and lead by example every day, by inspiring performance, creating value and helping others achieve new standards of achievement and excellence. We expect our leaders to embody the organization’s values and to be exceptionally good communicators. Grooming the next generation is one of their core responsibilities to achieve our ambitious growth plans and multifaceted challenges.


Keywords : Bold, Risk Taking, Grace Under Fire, and Sacrifice

We encourage our businesses to be forward looking and to take risks that are well managed and entrepreneurial. We believe leadership should be bold and aggressive. Commerce is riddled with unexpected challenges, and during such times of crisis, we must be calm and bravely work through the difficulties, even at personal costs and sacrifice.


Keywords : Belongingness, Ownership, Loyalty, and Relationships

Nothing is more important than a sense of belonging, ownership, and strong relationships that comes from personal commitment. We strive to build strong and lasting connections based on commitment and loyalty. Our future success depends on continuing to strengthen the bonds that we have built over time.


Keywords : Vision, Ideas, Do Things Differently, and Creativity

The only constant is change itself. We cannot get ahead of others by doing things the same way as others do. We must be visionary and have a culture of idea generation and idea implementation. Our business model must be driven by creativity, innovation and renovation. We want to see innovation across all our businesses and functions. That is the key to staying ahead.


Keywords : Safety, Sustainability, and Social Responsibility

We believe in being a responsible corporate citizen and being sensitive to the physical and social world around us. We expect awareness of and compliance with the best industry and local practices for environment, health, and safety standards. We are sensitive to the needs of the people we serve and aspire to have a positive impact and outreach through our CSR programs. Every member of our organization must endeavor to create a positive impact and are duty bound not to cause harm.


Keywords : Ethical conduct, Transparency, Checks & Balances, and Stakeholders

Responsible governance requires ethical conduct, a commitment to transparency, prudent control systems, sharing of information and honesty. Our actions must ultimately create value for our stakeholders. Without their support and continued trust we wouldn’t exist.