News Feed The Indorama Granular Urea price applicable to Registered Agro dealers for the month of May 2022 is NGN 17,500 per 50 Kg bag Ex-plant (350,000 NGN / MT ) effective from 18th May 2022 for sales inside Nigeria. The company reserves the right to unilaterally cancel any sales order, DOs with immediate effect, and blacklist the agro dealer if Urea sold to any of the registered ago-dealers moves out of the country. Agro Dealers shall not distribute, sell, or aid in the movement of Indorama Urea outside of their own Territory as mentioned in the movement approval from the National Security Advisor ( NSA ) Indorama Powers Nigeria's Petrochemicals, Fertilizer     Nigeria: Presidential Fertilizer Committee Commends Indorama for Keying into Plan to Supply NPK at Cheaper Price to Farmers Nationwide    

Vision & Values


Our vision is to become one of the largest petrochemicals and fertilizer producer in Africa

What is the Indorama Compass?

The Indorama Compass illustrates our Principles and Values. It’s meant for navigating us in the right direction, in alignment with our culture, principles, values, and belief system.

What is the difference between Principles and Values?

Principles are our strategic pillars and values are the building blocks for our organizational culture and behavior.

Our Principles

People First

People matter the most. They must always come First.

Customer Delight

We exist because of our customers. We have to delight them with our product quality and service.

Operational Excellence

Operational excellence is vital to meeting our customer’s expectations and our long-term sustenance. Cost, quality, execution, and innovation are the bedrock of operational excellence.


We have to make a positive impact on society. Our planet is extremely precious and we must protect the environment. We must preserve people’s trust in us and always operate with high standards of integrity and governance.

Our Values

1. Integrity

Honesty and not compromising on our principles and values are the pillars of integrity. We must display high ethical standards and always preserve people’s trust in us. We must walk the talk with good intentions.

2. Respect

Everyone must be treated with respect regardless of their position or personal attributes. Since we operate globally, we have to be empathetic and respectful of different local cultures. We must gracefully acknowledge and respect each other’s feelings, ideas, and opinions, even when they differ to ours.

3. Commitment

We are committed to building strong and lasting relationships that are based on trust, belongingness, and loyalty. We are also committed to our organization’s objectives and success.

4. Entrepreneurship

Our greatest achievements are a result of entrepreneurial leadership, exemplified by our founders. It is a mix of intense passion, self-initiative, risk taking ability, commercial acumen, resourcefulness, perseverance, and sense of ownership. Mistakes and failures are an acceptable part of taking risks, as long as actions are prudently conceived and executed, and we learn from our mistakes.

5. Adaptability

We must be adaptable and embrace change positively. A growth mindset requires being open-minded and flexible at all times. We must encourage and welcome feedback, both positive and negative, and create opportunities to learn and improve.

6. Collaboration

Good teams collaborate in harmony across functions, business groups, boundaries, and external stakeholders. They achieve much more than the sum of their parts. For collaboration to shine, every member must work together constructively for the common goal with good bonding and communication, and must also support, coach, and trust each other along the way.

7. Innovation

We must be visionary and constantly strive to do things differently than others. New methods, innovative ideas, and creativity must be encouraged and adopted across all business areas.

8. Knowledge

Knowledge is the sum of information, skills, experiences, insights, and continuous learning. We aspire to be a knowledge and expertise driven company. Continuous improvement is only possible with continuous upgradation, application, and dissemination of knowledge.

9. Execution

Execution is the art of getting things done. Our success lies in transforming ideas, strategies, and plans into time bound actions and results. Perfect execution requires rigorous planning, continuous review, personal initiative, coordinated teamwork, and constant attention to details.

10. Courage

The business eco-system is riddled with unexpected challenges, and during times of hardship, we must bravely work through our difficulties, fears, and uncertainties, even sometimes at great personal cost and sacrifice.

11. Environment

We believe in being a responsible corporate citizen and being sensitive to the physical and social world around us. We expect adherence to best practices for environment, health, and safety standards. We aspire to have a positive impact and outreach through our CSR programs.

12. Governance

Responsible governance requires ethical conduct, transparency, prudent control systems, a culture of compliance, and fairness. Our actions must preserve the trust of our stakeholders and adhere to our Code of Conduct.


Bribery and Corruption – our public statement

Indorama is committed to complying with all applicable laws, wherever we operate. It is a core aspect of our mission to act with integrity in all of our operations. The board of directors of Indorama expects all employees to comply with both the letter and spirit of the law.


We will not pay or procure the payment of a bribe or unlawful fee to encourage the proper performance of a task or one which is intended or likely to compromise the integrity of another. We will not accept any payment, gift or inducement from a third party which is intended to compromise our own integrity.


Indorama has issued a detailed Ethics Policy to all employees, to ensure that the company’s commitment to integrity and legal compliance is followed, including procedures dealing with anti-bribery, conflicts of interest, and other important matters.


When contracting with a third party we will insist that they acknowledge our commitment to good governance and that they in turn require the same high standards of their own staff and of those they engage.


Any person who believes that Indorama or its staff are involved in bribery and corruption is encouraged to report their concerns to +234-7080601033