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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) In IEFCL.

Indorama Corporation at large and IEFCL in particular always remain socially responsible and undertake relevant projects & activities in around the communities it operates. The company is highly responsible to the environment, communities and complies with all mandatory & statutory laws, rules and regulations.

Alongside of the Group Company Indorama Eleme Petrochemicals Limited, IEFCL has implemented several CSR projects and has also signed an MOU with the hose communities on the investments in such projects.

Currently, our major CSR interventions are as follows:

  • Built Community Secondary School in Aleto Eleme, one of the six host communities. The facilities include 12 classrooms, a library, laboratories, staff rooms, Principal’s office, sick-bay etc
  • Annual Scholarship scheme for the meritorious students from host communities and also from the communities around our Pipeline facilities.
  • Renovated of Eleme General Hospital and donated medical equipment worth over N80 million to the hospital.
  • Constructed 33KVA Power sub-station at Akpajo community to enhance rural electrification of the area.
  • Construction of Police station for Elelenwo community, an Ikwerre community.
  • Construction of Roads in Agbonchia, Njuru and Okerewa communities
  • Building of new six class room blocks for Omoku and Uju communities along our pipeline facility.
  • Micro-credit scheme for women in the communities, which is meant for poverty alleviation and women empowerment, especially for the widows. The women are being grouped into co-operative societies for easy administration.

Indorama-Nigeria is indeed making its mark in CSR, which has been regarded as a worthy corporate social investment.

  • Installation of a 33 KVA substation at Akpajo community
  • Construction of roads for the Agbonchia community
  • Construction of roads for the Elelenwo community
  • Building of Community Secondary School, Aleto
  • Construction of Police station for Elelenwo community