News Feed The Indorama Granular Urea price applicable to Registered Agro dealers for the month of August ,2022 effective from 1st August is NGN 18,000 per 50 Kg bag Ex-plant (360,000 NGN / MT ) for sales inside Nigeria. The company reserves the right to unilaterally cancel any sales order, DOs with immediate effect, and blacklist the agro dealer if Urea sold to any of the registered ago-dealers moves out of the country. Agro Dealers shall not distribute, sell, or aid in the movement of Indorama Urea outside of their own Territory as mentioned in the movement approval from the National Security Advisor ( NSA ) Indorama Powers Nigeria's Petrochemicals, Fertilizer     Nigeria: Presidential Fertilizer Committee Commends Indorama for Keying into Plan to Supply NPK at Cheaper Price to Farmers Nationwide    

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Indorama Powers Nigeria's Petrochemicals, Fertilizer

Farmers Review Africa, South Africa based Agribusiness Magazine, 08 Feb 2017

As the world's population increases and the diets of the developing world continue to improve, demand for meat and crops viz a viz food production need to increase by up to 70% by 2050. Fertilizers will undoubtedly play a major role in this production uplift.

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Nigeria: Presidential Fertilizer Committee Commends Indorama for Keying into Plan to Supply NPK at Cheaper Price to Farmers Nationwide

METRO-AFRICA, , 07 Feb 2017

Indorama has supplied about 300,000 metric tons of granular Urea fertilizer to farmers nationwide since June 2016 when it commenced production

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Indorama Powers Nigeria with Petrochemicals and Fertilizers

Newsverge, 04 Feb 2017

A product of the 2006 privatization program the Port Harcourt based company commissioned its world-class fertilizer plant in 2016 as a statement of its readiness to propel industrial and agricultural sectors.

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IFC invests $74m in OIS Indorama to boost fertilizer export

Vanguard Newspaper, 12 Jul 2016

The International Finance Corporation, IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, yesterday, granted a $73.5 million loan facility to OIS Indorama Port Limited for the development of a multi-purpose port terminal at Onne in Port Harcourt, Rivers State to boost Nigeria’s fertilizer export.

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Exclusive Interview, The Guardian, Monday, January 1, 2016, Pg 46-47

The Guardian, 01 Jan 2016

Nigeria is capable of becoming Africa’s Petrochemical hub’ – Indorama MD Manish Mundra is the Managing Director/CEO of Indorama Eleme Petrochemicals Limited. Since he assumed duties nine years ago, he has built a strong brand, which has impacted significantly on Nigeria’s economy. In this...

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Indorama Nigeria Champions New Investments In Fertilizer, Port

Independent Newspaper, 21 Mar 2016

With the increasing concerns about the Federal Government’s dwindling revenue receipts from crude oil, Indorama Nigeria, one of the major players in the nation’s petrochemical and fertilizer industry, believes the non-oil subsector remains a veritable bridge for boosting national revenue.

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World’s Largest Gas-based Fertilizer Plant Ready for Production in Port Harcourt

Businessday Newspaper, 28 Jan 2016

US$1.4 Billion Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) 1.4 Million MT Fertilizers Capacity Per Annum World-Class Facilities & Technology Gas Pipeline & Port Terminal projects inclusive By Ignatius Chukwu, Businessday Newspaper, Nigeria, Thursday, 28th January, 2016, Page 23

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$1.4bn Fertilizer Plant: Firm Promises to Provide Plenty Jobs

TIDE Newspaper, 20 Jan 2016

TIDE Newspaper, Wednesday, 20th January, 2016 The Indorama Eleme Fertilizer and Chemicals Limited, IEFCL, Port Harcourt said it would provide thousands of employment after the plant is commissioned in the first quarter of 2016, in effort to reduce youth unemployment.

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