News Feed The Indorama Granular Urea price applicable to Registered Agro dealers for the month of May 2022 is NGN 17,500 per 50 Kg bag Ex-plant (350,000 NGN / MT ) effective from 18th May 2022 for sales inside Nigeria. The company reserves the right to unilaterally cancel any sales order, DOs with immediate effect, and blacklist the agro dealer if Urea sold to any of the registered ago-dealers moves out of the country. Agro Dealers shall not distribute, sell, or aid in the movement of Indorama Urea outside of their own Territory as mentioned in the movement approval from the National Security Advisor ( NSA ) Indorama Powers Nigeria's Petrochemicals, Fertilizer     Nigeria: Presidential Fertilizer Committee Commends Indorama for Keying into Plan to Supply NPK at Cheaper Price to Farmers Nationwide    

OIS Indorama Port Limited
Company Presentation
  • OIS INDORAMA PORT LIMITED (OIPL) is a joint venture company between Oil & Industrial Services (OIS) and Indorama Eleme Petrochemicals (IEPL) formed on 19th April 2013
  • OIPL built its own multi-purpose port terminal in Onne Port, Rivers State, Nigeria to be self-reliant on urea exports from Indorama Eleme Fertilizer & Chemicals Limited (IEFCL) and as well for import/export of various types break-bulk and containerized cargo for OIS
OIPL Port Terminal
A support for Urea worldwide exportations

The OIPL Port Terminal is, a dedicated facility for Urea exports, operating 24/7

The urea is produced by IEFCL at Port Harcourt plant. Using an integrated supply chain management system the Urea is transported to Port warehouse in dedicated IEFCL owned bulk trucks. The facility is managed as per the best international practices in order to safeguard the fertilizer properties. Thereby urea temperature and humidity level is monitored through all the stages.

Once stored the urea can be loaded to the vessels in a 24/7 basis.

The OIPL Port Terminal is an added value to our overall system as it insures:

  • Best quality product: The material is moved from Plant to Port in covered trucks and with temperature and humidity control at the Port, the Urea quality is maintained.
  • Highly competitive price: The OIPL port is 18Km away from the Plant, ensuring delivery at the port in less than 3 hours. With state of the art automation and loading equipment’s at port, deliver faster turnaround of vessel bringing competitive advantage in terms of cost.
  • Fast exportations to our natural markets as West Africa, Brazil and USA
  • Reliable integrated supply chain

An operational and quality asset

  • Urea dry bulk warehouse with a storage capacity of 45 000t
  • Loading facilities : Urea ship loader of 900t/h
  • Quay deck of 295m length for a waterfront availability of 320m for ships up to 35 000 DWT
  • Container terminal of storage capacity 800 TEU
    Break-bulk warehouse (4080 square meters) for general import and export
MaterialQuantityEffective Handling CapacityStorage Capacity
Urea 1,000,000 TPA 900 TPH 45000 MT
Containerized Cargo 12,000 TEU per anum 20 TEU per hour 800 TEU
Break Bulk Ware House 150,000 TPA 450 TPH 4080 m2
MaterialVessel Size
(DWT)LOA (m)Beam (m)Draft (m)
Urea 35,000 (Max.) 180 28 10.5
Containerized Cargo 8,000 95 19 7
Break Bulk Ware House 8,000 95 18 7
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